Daisy and Tom

Daisy and Tom
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Unrequited love

Unrequited love is to love someone but not receive that same love. it is an awkward and frustrating situation. It consists of a friendship and sometimes the friend wants more than just a friendly relationship. This situation then becomes awkward for both friends. It’s about loving someone that doesn’t love you back. In the Great Gatsby, Gatsby tries to win Daisy back which is his long time lover but doesn’t receive the love he longed for.
It becomes frustrating for Gatsby because he’s been waiting for so long and has done so much to win Daisy back. The day the Daisy and Gatsby met for the first time in years was difficult because it was a mixture of emotions. Gatsby still truly love Daisy and would do anything for her love. Daisy was also in love with Gatsby but had remarried; meaning that she had given her love to someone else. Gatsby wanted her to confess her love for him to her husband but she struggled. Her love for Gatsby differs from her husband putting Gatsby in the awkward situation.
Unrequited love is a tortuous situation that can cause a person to become depressed and anxious. For Gatsby it was shocking and unbelievable. He could not believe that after all these years of triumph he went through it resulted in un-satisfaction. He was so sure that Daisy would fall into his arms the minute she saw him. The love was short and not enough for J. Gatsby. He expected more and wanted the love in return. In the end the love he wanted did not reciprocate.

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